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Angle Converter

Convert between angle units

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Angle Converter

Online angle units converter

Convert between angle units - degrees, radians, grades, minutes and more:


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Converting between Degrees and Radians

Degrees are commonly used in "humans" language and radians are commonly used in computer languages. Since there is 360 degrees and 2 π radians in a circle

- degrees can be converted to radians with the equation

θ = 2 π Φ / 360                                         (1)


θ = radians

Φ = degrees

- and radians can be converted to degrees with the equation

Φ = 360 θ / (2 π)                                        (2)

Example - Converting between Degrees and Radians

90 degrees can be converted to radians with eq. (1) as

θ = 2 π (90) / 360

   = 1.57 radians

1 radian can be converted to degrees with eq. (2) as

Φ = 360 (1) / (2 π)

   = 57.3 degrees

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