Calcium Chloride and Water

Freezing point, density, specific heat and dynamic viscosity of Calcium Chloride Water coolant

Freezing point, density, specific heat and dynamic viscosity of calcium chloride - water coolant:

Freezing Point

calcium chloride water coolant - freezing point diagram


(% by mass, weight)

Specific Gravity

(at 60oF, 15.6oC)

Freezing PointBoiling Point
40 1.410 56 13.3 248 120
30 1.295 -51 -46.1 237 114
20 1.186 0 -17.8 221 105
10 1.087 22 -5.6 214 101


calcium chloride water coolant - density diagram

Specific Heat

calcium chloride water coolant - specific heat diagram

Dynamic Viscosity

calcium chloride water coolant - viscosity diagram

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