Hydraulics and Pneumatics

Hydraulic and pneumatic systems - force, pistons, pumps and fluids

Comparing Hydraulic Pumps

Maximum pressure and flow

Hydraulic Cylinder - Volume Displacement

Cubic displacement hydraulic cylinder

Hydraulic Cylinder Areas

Areas for some typical hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic Force

Hydraulic force - area formulas and calculator

Hydraulic Oil Pumps - Horsepower Required

Horsepower required by hydraulic pumps

Hydraulic Pumps - Capacities Required

Calculate required hydraulic pump output

Hydraulic Pumps and Motors

Flow rate, shaft torque, shaft power and hydraulic power

ISO Valve Standards

An overview of International Organization for Standardization - ISO - valve standards

JIS - Valve Standards

Japanese industrial valve standards and specifications from JAS - the Japanese Standards Association

Pneumatic Air Cylinders - Force Exerted

Pneumatic air cylinders - air pressure and force exerted calculator

Pneumatic Cylinder Velocity

Calculating pneumatic cylinder velocity

Pneumatic Powder and Solids - Transport Systems

Pneumatic transport systems may be suited to move powder and other solid products

Pneumatic Transport Fundamentals

A fundamental introduction for pneumatic transport of powders

Pneumatics - Solid Transport Carrying Velocities

Air carrying velocities for solid transport of products as cement, coal, flour and more

Quality of Compressed Air

Air quality according ISO 8573-1

Single Acting Pneumatic Piston - Air Volume Used

Air volume used by single-acting pistons

Technical Terms in Fluid Mechanics

Some of the most common used technical terms used in fluid mechanics

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