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SAE Valve Standards

SAE - Society of Automotive Engineers - valve standards.

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The Society of Automotive Engineers, SAE, valves standards:

Standard CodeStandard Name
SAE ARP 490E Electro hydraulic servo valves
SAE AS 707B Thermal sensitive inflation pressure release devices for tubeless aircraft wheels
SAE ARP 745 General components specification for explosive actuated valves one cycle
SAE AS 1607A Valve starter control, pneumatic aircraft engine general specification for replaced ASE ARP 1607
SAE ARP 1616A Self-sealing breakaway valves for crash-resistant aircraft fuel and oil systems -- replace AIR 1616
SAE AIR 4782 Hydrant valve and coupler historical background
SAE J 747 Control valve test procedure standard May 1990
SAE J 748 Hydraulic directional control valves 3000psi Maximum, recommended practice Dct.1957
SAE J 1117 Method of measuring and reporting the pressure differential flow characteristics of hydraulic fluid power valve, recommended practice June 1975
SAE J 1118 Hydraulic valves for motor vehicle brake systems test procedure, recommended practice Jun. 1978
SAE J 1235 Measuring and reporting the internal leakage of a hydraulic fluid power valve, Recommended practice June, 1978
SAE J 1409 Air Brake Valves Test Procedure, Recommended Practice March 1983 R(1988)
SAE J 1875 Materials for Plastic Check Valves for Vacuum Booster systems, standard June 1993
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