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Industrial Environments - Selecting Ventilation System

A quick selection guide for ventilation systems and principles in industrial environments

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A quick selection guide to ventilation system principles in industrial environments:

1 1 1 x
1 5 1 x
1 5 5 x (x)
1 1 5 x (x)
5 1 1 x
5 5 1 x
5 5 5 x x
5 1 5 x

1 = not or little suitable, 5 = suitable

  • VAV - Variable Air Volume - the temperature of the supply air remains constant, but the air volume varies 
  • CAV - Constant Air Volume - the volume of air supply remains constant, but the temperature varies

Constant Air Volume - CAV - systems are becoming less common in new buildings since VAV systems provides closer control of air temperature and requires lower fan speeds, resulting in less energy consumption and less noise.

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