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Gas Cookers - Marks vs. Temperature

Gas marks on gas ovens and heat or temperature developed.

The table below indicates the relationship between gas marks and temperature developed by domestic gas ovens.

Gas Cookers - Temperature vs. Marks
Gas MarkTemperatureDescription
quart 225 107 Very Slow
half 250 121 Very Slow
1 275 135 Very Slow
2 300 149 Slow
3 325 163 Slow
4 350 177 Very Moderate
5 375 191 Moderate
6 400 204 Moderately Hot
7 425 218 Moderately Hot
8 450 232 Hot
9 475 246 Very Hot

The oven settings above are approximate as individual cookers may vary. Be aware that gas oven regulators are not absolutely accurate and temperature will probably not match the gas mark exactly.

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