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BSi - British Standards institute

British Standards institute - BSi.

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British Standards institute is the National Standards Body of the UK, responsible for facilitating, drafting, publishing and marketing British Standards and other guidelines. British Standards provides UK industry and other stakeholders with their major access to and influence on standardization, both in the European arena (with CEN, CENELEC and ETSI) and internationally (with ISO and IEC).

Standards Developments Committees

Representations are sought from many spheres including: consumer organizations; professional institutions; certification, testing and inspection bodies; educational establishments; research organizations; UK notified bodies; enforcement bodies and government departments.

Over 15000 British Standard publications have been published, all falling in one of the following standards programmes:

  • Building and Civil Engineering
  • Materials and Chemicals
  • Engineering
  • Electro technical
  • Consumer Products and Services
  • Healthcare
  • Management Systems
  • DISC (Information Technology)

Numbering British Standards

The British Standards are titled

BS XXX:Year Title


XXX is the number of the standard

Popular Titles from BSi

Some of the most popular titles from BSi:

  • BS 8888:2002 Technical product documentation (TPD). Specification for defining, specifying and graphically representing products
  • BS PD 5500:2003 Specification for unfired fusion welded pressure vessels
  • BS EN 10255:2004  Non-alloy steel tubes suitable for welding or threading
  • BS EN ISO 9001:2000 Quality management systems. Requirements
  • BS EN ISO 9004:2000 Quality management systems. Guidelines for performance improvements
  • BS 5839-1:2002 Fire detection and alarm systems for buildings. Code of practice for system design, installation, commissioning and maintenance
  • BS EN ISO 10012:2003 Measurement management systems. Requirements for measurement processes and measuring equipment
  • BS EN ISO 19011:2002 Guidelines for quality and/or environmental management systems auditing
  • BS EN ISO 14001:1996 Environmental management systems. Specification with guidance for use
  • BS 5266-1:1999 Emergency lighting. Code of practice for the emergency lighting of premises other than cinemas and certain other specified premises used for entertainment
  • BS 7671:2001 Requirements for electrical installations. IEE Wiring Regulations. Sixteenth edition
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