Temperature Measurement

Measurement of temperature - probes, sensors and transmitters

Calibrating Thermometers

The only way of being confident in a thermometer is to have it calibrated

Choosing Temperature Sensors

Comparing RTD and Thermocouples temperature sensors

Dust Explosions - Critical Temperatures and Concentrations

Critical temperatures and concentration parameters for some common substances as coal, zinc, uranium and more

IP - Ingress Protection Ratings

IP - Ingress Protection rating is used to specify the environmental protection - electrical enclosure - of electrical equipment

ISA codes for Process Instrumentation

ISA instrumentation codes and combinations

InfraRed Thermometers - An Introduction

InfraRed - IR - thermometers are convenient and fast to use. An introduction to the IR thermometer technology

Measuring Temperature with Thermocouples - a Tutorial

An introduction to one of the most frequently used temperature transducers - the thermocouple

Principles and Methods of Using Thermocouples

The thermocouple provides a simple and efficient means of measuring temperature because it produces a voltage which is a function of temperature

Pt100 - Platinum Resistance Thermometers

Pt100 electrical resistance - ranging -220 to 750 degrees Celsius

RTD - The Thermal Resistive Sensor

What is a thermal resistive sensor? - and how does it work?


A short introduction to temperature - including Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin and Rankine definitions - online temperature converter

Temperature Sensors - Comparing Types

Comparing advantages and disadvantages of thermocouples, RTDs and thermistors temperature sensors


Thermocouples - types, principles and temperature ranges

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