Waste Water and Flow Capacity

In sewage piping and pumping systems the fluid flow rate must be kept within certain limits to avoid operating problems

In a sewage piping and pumping system the flow velocity must exceed certain limits to maintain trouble free operation and avoid settling and sedimentation of solids:

  • For horizontal wastewater pipe systems with solids the speed should exceed 3 ft/sec.
  • For wastewater water system with organic solids the speed should exceed 2 ft./sec.

The flow velocity waste water systems must not exceed certain limits to reduce the potential for wear and tear due to the effects of erosion and abrasion:

  • The speed in high-grit sewage handling systems should not exceed 12 ft/sec.
  • The flow and velocity in sewage systems with low grit concentrations should not exceed 18 ft/sec.

The flow rate capacity in US gal for a sewage piping and pumping systems with this limitations are expressed below for different pipe sizes:

Flow Rate (US GPM)
Pipe Dimension
Minimum Velocity Maximum Velocity
2 ft/sec
(0.6 m/s)
3 ft/sec
(0.9 m/s)
12 ft/sec
(3.6 m/s)
18 ft/sec
(5.4 m/s)
3 45 65 270 400
4 80 120 480 700
6 180 260 1050 1600
8 300 500 1900 2800
10 500 750 3000 4400
12 700 1100 4300 6400

Note! - general chart based on clean pipes. Friction coefficient may vary with pipe material.

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