Indoor Comfort Temperature versus Outdoor Temperature

Recommended indoor comfort temperature vs outdoor temperature

Recommended indoor comfort temperature versus outdoor dry-bulb temperatures are indicated below.

Outside Dry-Bulb Temperature
Inside Temperature (oF)
Dry-BulbWet-BulbDew PointEffective Temperature
100 82.5 69.0 62.3 76.0
90 79.5 66.5 59.5 73.6
80 76.7 64.0 56.6 71.3
70 74.0 62.0 54.5 69.0

outdoor and indoor effective temperature diagram

outdoor and indoor effective temperature diagram

Example - Recommended Indoor Temperature

With an outside dry bulb temperature of 30 oC, the diagram above indicates the the recommended inside dry bulb temperature should be approximately 26 oC and the recommended inside wet bulb temperature should be approximately 17 oC

From the Mollier diagram this corresponds to relative humidity approximately 40% with humidity ratio - x - 0.0085 kgh2o/kgdry_air.

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