Compressed Air Pressure Drop Diagrams - Metric Units

Pressure drop in compressed air pipe lines

Pressure drop in kg/m2 per 100 m compressed air pipelines can be estimated for some typical entering pressures in the diagrams below. The diagrams are calculated for schedule 40 pipes.

Other dimensions or pressures can be calculated with the

Compressed Air Entering Pressure 5 kg/cm2

compressed air pressure diagram metric units 5 kg/m3

  • 1 kg/cm2 = 0.98 bar = 735 mmHg = 10000 mmH2O = 14.2 psi
  • 1 m3/min = 0.017 m3/s = 60 m3/h = 1000 liter/min = 35.3 cfm
  • 1 m (meter) = 3.2808 ft = 39.37 in

Compressed Air Entering Pressure 7.5 kg/cm2

compressed air pressure diagram metric units 7.5 kg/m3

Compressed Air Entering Pressure 10 kg/cm2

compressed air pressure diagram metric units 10 kg/m3

Compressed Air Entering Pressure 13 kg/cm2

compressed air pressure diagram metric units 13 kg/m3

Compressed Air Pressure Drop for Pipe Other than Schedule 40

Compressed air pressure drop in pipes other than schedule 40 can be calculated as

dp = dp40 (d40 / d)5         (1)


dp = actual pressure drop (bar per 100 m pipe)

dp40 = pressure drop in schedule 40 pipe from the table or diagram above (bar per 100 m pipe)

d40 = inside diameter schedule 40 pipe (inches)

d = actual inside diameter (inches)

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