Valve Standards

International standards for valves in piping systems

API - Valve Standards

An overview of the American Petroleum Institute - API - valve standards

ASME - Valve Standards

An overview of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers - ASME - valve standards

ASTM - Valve Standards

An overview of ASTM International - American Society for Testing and Materials - valve standards

BSi - British Standard Valves

An overview of BSi - British Standard institute valve standards

Chinese and International Valve Standards

Chinese valve standards compared with the international ISO, ASTM , ASME, ANSI, MSS, API and JIS standards

Chinese Valve Standards

Chinese standards for steel, cast iron and metal valves

Comparing American and British Piping Standards

Comparing US American (ASTM) and British (BSi) piping standards - specifications, grades and material descriptions

DIN - Valve Standards

An overview of DIN - Deutsches Institut für Normung - valve standards

ISO Valve Standards

An overview of ISO - International Organization for Standardization - valve standards

JIS - Flanges, Bolts, Nuts, and Gaskets Standards

Japanese industrial flanges, bolts, nuts, and gaskets standards and specifications from JAS - the Japanese Standards Association

JIS - Valve Standards

Japanese industrial valve standards and specifications from JAS - the Japanese Standards Association

MSS - Valve Standards

Manufacturers Standardization Society - MSS - of the Valve and Fittings Industry - valve standards

Plastic Materials Used in Valves

An introduction to plastic materials commonly used in valves

Pressure-Temperature Ratings ASTM A216 Valves

Pressure and temperature ratings for Cast Carbon Steel Valves

SAE Valve Standards

SAE - Society of Automotive Engineers - valve standards

Safety Valve Standards

An survey of international safety valve standards. The most common used standards in Germany, UK, USA, France, Japan, Australia and Europe

Safety Valves in Heating Systems

Safety valves with boilers 275 to 1500 kW

Valve Abbreviations

Common US valve abbreviations used in drawings and documentation

Valves - Temperature and Pressure Ratings

Temperature and pressure ratings for valves according API 6D

Valves - Typical Operating Ranges

Types of valves and their typical operating sizes

Valves for Specific Services

In case of a specific service - the choose of a valve may be simplified by following an established practice

Valves Selection Guide 

An applications guide for selecting valves

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