Natural and syntetic rubbers

Elastomers or rubbers are amorphic polymers with crosslinked linear chain molecules that ensures elasticity and the return of the material to its original shape when load is removed.

Typical properties for some of the most commonly used elastomers:

Natural Rubbers

  • Polyisoprene (NR)
- used for vehicle tyres, tubes, seals, antivibration mountings, hoses, belts
- shore hardness: 30 - 90
- temperature range: -55oC - 85oC

Syntetic Rubbers

  • Styrene butadiene rubbers (SBR, GRS, BUNA S)
- used for vehicle tyres, tubes, seals, antivibration mountings, hoses, belts
- shore hardness: 40 - 80
- temperature range: -50oC - 82oC
  • Butadiene rubbers, polybutadiene (BR)
- used for same applications as natural rubber
- shore hardness: 40 - 90
- temperature range: -100oC - 90oC
  • Butyl rubbers, isobutylene isoprene (GR 1)
- extremely resistant to grease, silcone fluids, water
- used for puncture-proof tyres, tubes and vacuum seals
- shore hardness: 40 - 90
- temperature range: -45oC - 150oC
  • Nitrile rubbers, butadiene acroylonitrile (BUNA)
- good resistance to fuels, oils, solvents, water, silicon fluids
- used for o-rings, seals, petrol hoses, fuel pumps
- shore hardness: 40 - 95
- temperature range: -55oC - 82oC
  • Neoprene rubbers, polychlorprene, chloroprene 
- resistant to weather aging
- used for diving suits
- shore hardness: 30 - 50
- temperature range: -40oC - 115oC
  • Polyurethane rubbers
- exceptional strength and tear
- used for wear resistant applications
- shore hardness: 35 - 100
- temperature range: -50oC - 115oC

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