Circles within a Rectangle

The maximum number of circles possible within a rectangle

The calculator below estimates the maximum number of circles that may fit in a rectangle. The calculator can be used to calculate

  • the number of pipes or wires that fits in a conduit and similar applications

Input the rectangle inside dimensions - height and width and the circles outside diameters.

Default values are for 0.5 inch circles inside a 10 inch x 10 inch square. The calculator is generic and any kind of units can be used - as long as the same units are used for all values.

rectangle width (in, mm, m)

rectangle height (in, mm, m)

circle diameter (in, mm, m)

space between circles - and between circles and rectangle walls (in, mm, m)

Rectangular Pattern



Triangular Pattern




  • In some combinations of rectangular shapes and circles sizes - one or two more circles may be added with a minor modification of the circles layout. In the default triangular example above - two more circles can be added in between if the left and right bottom circles are moved to the left and right border

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