Travlet - track and share expenses involving more than one person - like business travels, summer holidays and more ..!

How To Use the Travlet

The example bellow shows a simplified project with three persons on a business trip from Paris to London. Jon pays the taxi, Paul and Brigit pays the train and Jon pays the hotel. The BALANCING transaction at the end calculates that Brigit has to supply the Travlet and Jon can withdraw from the Travlet.

Basic use of a Travlet - with some typical expences posted.

A balance transaction is added - Brigit must add 50 for Jon to withdraw.

For some activities - typical a travel with more than one person - it is convenient to share the payments of taxi, train tickets, dinners and so on. But, with more than two or three persons involved it is often hard to track the expenses - and at the end calculate the amount each participant has paid or withdraw.

With The Travlet expenses are posted "on the go" and at the end a balance transaction is calculated with the amount each participant has to add to - or withdraw from - the Travlet to create balance between the participants.

Travlets are saved in your browser and can be used offline without internet connection. The Travlet should work in any modern browser - on any device - phone, pad or desktop.

No app installation is required!!

Bookmark the Travlet to your homescreen for convenient and efficient use - online or offline.


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