meetickets (alpha) - summarize meetings and keep track of tasks to be done - with tickets!


Use meetickets to create meeting summaries from project meetings with focus on the tasks to be done and who is responsible for the tasks by creating tickets.

Maintain tickets through time by adding comments and changing status. Close tickets when tasks are done.

Meetickets data files can be saved to your Google Drive and shared with other Google Account users. To save a file - first click "Save a Copy!" (creates a new file on Google Drive), then click "File Picker!" to select and load the new file back from Google Drive. After changes - click "Save!" to update the new file in Google Drive (Note! - your browser must be logged into your Google Account). Go to Google Drive to set sharing properties on files you want to share with other users. Sharing users can view or edit files depending on the rights set in the Google Drive file.

Note that after a file is loaded from Google Drive - the url in the address bar of your browser is a link to this application (meetickets) including the data file. Bookmark or distribute the link for fast and easy access to meetickets with data. Note that only users with access to the data file on Google Drive - and who is logged into their Google Account in the browser where meeticket is used - can access the data file with meetickets.

You can also share the url between the browsers on your different devices - like computers, pads or phones. Meetickets adapts to different screen sizes.

Use the "default!" or "blank!" buttons in the top right corner of this page to create new meetickets with default or no data. Click on the title field to change title and description.

Use the "print!" button in the top right corner of this page to modify pages to more printer friendly formats. Make pdf snapshots of pages for filing and/or distribution - typically after meetings. Free pdf printers are included or available for most systems and browsers.

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