Solar Radiation - Daily Surface Energy

Daily surface energy from solar radiation

Solar energy accumulated on south faced horizontal to vertical tilted surfaces on the northern hemisphere latitude 0oN, 30oN and 60oN - are indicated in the diagrams below:

Solar Radiation - Latitude 0oN

solar radiation diagram - surfaces 0 deg North

  • 1 MJ = 0.278 kWh = 239 kcal = 948 Btu
  • 1 m2 = 1550 in2 = 10.764 ft2

Solar Radiation - Latitude 30oN

solar radiation diagram - surfaces 30 deg North

Solar Radiation - Latitude 60oN

solar radiation diagram - surfaces 60 deg North

At equator there may be enough radiation in winter time to consider year-round applications. In the northern hemisphere we have to look for applications that requires energy mainly in summer time.

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