Steam & Condensate Equations

Steam consumption and condensate generation formulas heating liquids or gas flows

Some common steam and condensate equations can be expressed as

Steam Heating

ms = h / 960         (1)


ms = steam mass flow rate (lbs./hr.)

h = heat flow rate (Btu/hr.)

Steam Heating Liquid Flow

ms = ql 500 SGl Cpl dtl / Ls         (2)


ms = steam mass flow rate (lbs./hr.)

ql = volume flow liquid (gallons per minute, gpm)

Cpl = specific heat capacity of the liquid (Btu/lb.oF)

SGl = specific gravity of the fluid

dtl = temperature difference liquid (oF)

Ls = latent heat steam (Btu/lb)

Steam Heating Air or Gas Flow

ms = qg 60 ρg Cpg dtg / Ls         (3)


ms = steam mass flow rate (lbs./hr.)

qg = volume flow gas (cubic feet per minute, cfm)

ρg = density of the gas (lb/ft3)

Cpg = specific gravity of the gas

dtg = temperature difference gas (oF)

Ls = latent heat steam (Btu/lb)

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