Fan Class Limits - AMCA

Fan construction classes established by AMCA

AMCA - Air Movement and Control Association International fan-class standards are established to simplify the specification of fans. AMCA fan-class standards are based on fan horsepower required per square foot of outlet area representing the structural requirements imposed on a fan for a given set of operating conditions.

AMCA class limits for a double-width airfoil centrifugal fan:

Fan Class
Lower Range Upper Range
Static Pressure
(inches W.G.)
Outlet Velocity
(feet per minute)
Static Pressure
(inches W.G.)
Outlet Velocity
(feet per minute)
I 2.5 3,400 5.0 2,415
II 4.3 4,400 8.5 3,150
III 6.8 5,500 13.5 4,000
IV 13.5 4,000 - -

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